Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baduy question

1. Why did the Baduy tribe call themselves Kanekes?

2. What is the Baduy’s language and why and where did they learn it?

3. Suharto tried to force them to build schools but they refused and as a result they can’t…and then they are having trouble doing…

4. Why and who built the villages and ricefarm so far,

5. Until which area of Baduy are the foreigners allowed into go in?

6. What would happen if the foreigners meet with the inner Baduy?

7. have any different between baduy and theother?

8. What is the inside of inner Baduy, is there any different between inner and outer baduy?

9. Who made the taboos and why do they made it?

10. Why do the spot of the Baduy looks like a triangle and was it an accident or a symbol meaning something and if it is what does it do/mean?

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