Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baduy question

1. Why did the Baduy tribe call themselves Kanekes?

2. What is the Baduy’s language and why and where did they learn it?

3. Suharto tried to force them to build schools but they refused and as a result they can’t…and then they are having trouble doing…

4. Why and who built the villages and ricefarm so far,

5. Until which area of Baduy are the foreigners allowed into go in?

6. What would happen if the foreigners meet with the inner Baduy?

7. have any different between baduy and theother?

8. What is the inside of inner Baduy, is there any different between inner and outer baduy?

9. Who made the taboos and why do they made it?

10. Why do the spot of the Baduy looks like a triangle and was it an accident or a symbol meaning something and if it is what does it do/mean?

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today, we moving to Topeng, I was excited, because I want to see which one is my classroom. when we come to topeng, I know our classroom is the old Buddhist classroom, in side smell so good. we only stay here one week. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

exhibition reflection

                                           Exhibition reflection

The first day: I was very excited, because the exhibition had begun. Today was Pre-K to Gr3. In the morning Pre-K to Gr1, came to our exhibition. I worked with Daniel with on the booth, we were doing great. That afternoon we were going to the room to show Daniel’s information about the Newmont Mine Mineral Price Calculation. Axel’s group was doing really will, they didn’t have any questions to answer. So I thought we would also be like that, but when we finish, I didn’t think like that anymore. Many people asked us questions, this is was not the reason why I was not happy, and the reason was that I couldn’t answer any of the questions. I think that I needed become more knowledgeable, because I need know the answers to the questions. I think that I need to be a thinker, because I need to think how to answer the questions…


The second day, we changed some performances. We were also very nervous, because today was Gr4 – Gr7 and they will ask even more questions. The performance had begun! We showed the keynote and Mr. rick asked us 3 question, we can answer 2 question. This afternoon, important people came to our exhibition. We showed them our performances and we also played a very funny game called “Are you smarter then 5th Grader”. We needed to answer the questions, and then who had the most points would win. The teacher chose, me with Minsoo to answer the questions, the score was 100 to 65 so we won! Everybody got a drink.

Now I know I’m not good, but I still have many things I need to learn, I need to read more; write more and speak more.


copper comic

My comic is about the copper, I search many things about copper, and I put all the things in this comic, when you read this comic, you will know more information about what is copper, how to use copper and how to recycle copper.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

grammar bites

(Golf courses)There are some golf courses in Jakarta.
(Shopping centers)There are many shopping centers in Jakarta.
(International Schools) There are some international Schools in Jakarta.
(Ice rinks) There are many ice rinks in Jakarta.
(Virtual reality game centers)There are some Virtual reality game centers in Jakarta.
(Movie theatre)There are many movie theaters in Jakarta.
(hospitals)There are some hospitals in Jakarta.
(Car wash centers)There are many car wash centers in Jakarta.
(Photocopy centers)There are some photocopy centers in Jakarta.
(chair lifts)There are many chair lifts in Jakarta.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


                                                         This is in Afghanistan KYR.


                                                          This is in Bangkok Silom RD
This is in Bangkok Silom RD